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LGBT Advocacy... a mission, a goal, a journey, a need, a drive. I've lived and breathed it ever since my extremely public transition in 1998. Sometimes it simply took the form of my mere existence; it's interesting what the presence of a transgender teacher does to a high school. Other times, it has been far more active: mentoring young trans people, taking part in panels at universities and churches and youth groups, marching on Springfield, IL when the state legislature was contemplating gay marriage for the first time, or traveling to Washington, D.C. to speak at a rally for Leelah Alcorn a few weeks after her death. Whatever it takes, if I can do it, I'm willing to do it. It's nearly 2018; no one should need to fear coming out as LGBT in this era.

If you have ideas...

If you know of someone who may need assistance, by all means BE AN ALLY! Don't let that person struggle. Just a little bit of compassion can go a very long way.

If you hear of an occasion that might benefit from my presence or that I might benefit from being in attendance, let me know!