Do you charge for speaking?

I'm a professional. Of course I charge for speaking. The rates, however, depend upon many variables, which is why I don't simply quote them here. Contact me to discuss your situation.

Do you add mileage charges?

Only if you're outside of my "home" area. I currently live in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

What's the deal with the Writing stuff? Is that for real?

Absolutely. I will compose a piece designed for you and your situation personally.

How does that work? You don't know me.

No, but I can listen. I will ask you to tell me the important things you want included and the general and specific themes and moods, and we'll take it from there.

Does the Writing come with a guarantee?

I want you to be completely satisfied with what I create for you, so of course I will guarantee my work. If you can honestly say it is not what you asked for, I'll refund your money. Poetry and Song Parodies: 100%. Stories take a lot of time, so the refund is 75%.

What are the limitations on Speaking requests? Could we ask you for anything?

You could ASK for anything you want. I can only *give* what I know and am capable of giving. One thing to be aware of: original commissions will come with an extra fee for obvious reasons.

Are there limitations on Advocacy events?

There are no limitations on what you can tell me about. I obviously can't be everywhere, though.

Do you charge for Advocacy events?

Again, I am a professional. But... LGBT Advocacy isn't my profession; it is my passion. If the event involves a speech and there is a budget for speakers, then yes; if the answer to either question is no, I'll ask you to get me there (and house me if it's out of my home area) but that's it.