I am available to speak about a variety of issues, especially pertaining to my unusual family history.

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As a writer, I'm available to create custom stories, poetry, and song parodies for any occasion. They can be funny or serious; your call.

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LGBT Advocacy

I am always available to take part in LGBT advocacy programs, especially those pertaining to our youth.

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So Who Am I?

I am a retired four-decade high school English and drama teacher, born in 1957. I have known I was transgender since about 1959. Maybe 1960. It took me until 1998, though, to transition, and in doing so I became the first teacher in America ever to do that on the job, which apparently (if you judge from the news vans outside of the school) was a Big Deal.

I am also the parent of a trans man; my son realized he was trans at age 17 after a lifelong struggle with identity and, in doing so, became the first student at his high school to transition. Runs in the family, I guess.

Aside from this, I am a human being with two daughters, a husband, three cats, and a pretty rich life. Yet I'm opening up this door and inviting you in, and it's fair to ask why: because I suffered in silence for forty years and that is plenty long enough. Because I am a teacher and teaching is in my blood. Because those young people still struggling today despite today's more accepting world need to hear voices of success. Because I can...and so many others can't.



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